Everything You Need To Know About The Rare Rose Succulent

rose succulent Greenovia dodrentalis

Let’s be honest – who doesn’t love receiving a bouquet of roses on Valentine’s Day or on their anniversary? Roses are one of the most notable and iconic symbols of love and romance.  So much so that a certain reality TV show has a whole ceremony named after it!

Unfortunately, just like many of the relationships on The Bachelor, the sad truth is that fresh roses don't last forever. This is why we are so excited about a succulent plant that looks like a rose. Like any other succulent, if properly cared for, the rose succulent will last much longer than a bouquet of roses. In fact, it will likely outlive most of the relationships on that reality TV show we were talking about earlier.

What are Rose Succulents?

pink succulent greenovia dodrentalis

The Greenovia dodrentalis (Aeonium dodrantale) or the “mountain rose”, originates from the Canary Islands.  It reaches about 6 inches in height and 2.5 inches in width at maturity.  It is a small plant and bluish/green in color, with a rose tinge at the edges of the leaves. Its leaves are smooth, and tightly packed and arranged in layers much like the petals of a rose. The pink succulent is a marvel to look at for its beauty, but can be hard to find.

How to Care for Rose Succulents

Caring for Greenovia is similar to the care and maintenance for other succulents.  Keep these succulents in a warm, brightly lit location and only water when the soil is completely dry. As with other succulents, the primary concern is not to overwater them. You can read about how to properly care for your succulents here

While you can grow these succulents indoors and outdoors, these plants do not handle cold temperatures well.  If you are in a region where winters are freezing, you should move the plants indoors until spring. When moving the plants back outdoors in the summer, make sure to gradually adjust the plants to the outdoors.  Choose a spot where the plant is protected from the highest light of the day in order to avoid inadvertently burning the plant. Since these succulents need some moisture, use regular potting mix and repot your Greenovia every few years with fresh potting soil.

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