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B Well Universal Smartphone Forehead Mini Thermometer

B Well Universal Smartphone Forehead Mini Thermometer

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With the BWell Universal Smartphone Mini Forehead Thermometer, youre ready to take a temperature any time on the go or at home. In times like these, the ability to get a quick and accurate temperature reading has never been more important. The BWell Smartphone Thermometer is compatible with all phones. Three converters are included to let you plug the mini thermometer into any type of charging port Micro USB, USB-C, and an 8-Pin Lightning connector for Apple phones. With an easy-to-read LED Display, and quick and accurate no contact readings in Fahrenheit or Celsius, the mini thermometer will be a convenient addition to your health kit. Whether you pack it for your next trip or carry it for day-to-day use, the BWell Smartphone Thermometer will be your new favorite little gadget.

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