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Boobie Superfood Breastfeeding Bars - 1.7 oz

Boobie Superfood Breastfeeding Bars - 1.7 oz

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Boobie Bars were created for lactating moms who are looking for a delicious, healthy, alternative to pills and teas with a convenient bar to eat on the go. Each Boobie Bar is packed with our proprietary Boobie Blend of lactogenic organic superfoods that naturally increase milk supply. Our Milk to the Max lactation bars are the most convenient way to support a healthy milk supply. Packed with 6 powerful, milk-boosting superfoods to replace messy teas and hard-to-swallow pills, all in these delicious breastfeeding bars. Packed with natural ingredients such as moringa, turmeric, flax seed, oats, and shatavari, these bars make for the perfect lactation supplement.

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