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Zoro Select 32J897 Swivel Stem Caster,Polyolfn,3 in,350 lb.

Zoro Select 32J897 Swivel Stem Caster,Polyolfn,3 in,350 lb.

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General purpose threaded stem casters are used on carts, furniture, storage cabinets, storage bins, display stands, appliances, retail fixtures, and other equipment in a wide variety of institutional and industrial settings. They have double ball swivel bearings that allow the caster to swivel smoothly. Threaded stem casters are the most commonly used type of stem caster. They have a threaded stem on top that screws into a threaded hole, bracket, insert, or socket on a piece of equipment. The casters allow the equipment to roll, which reduces the effort it takes to move or reposition the equipment. Threaded stem casters are typically used to add casters on equipment where there is not enough room on the equipments mounting surface to attach a plate casters mounting plate.

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